Sunday, August 19, 2012

ups and downs

Life has its ups and downs and all arounds. I am well aware of this in life. I have over the past few weeks/months I have been trying to find the perfect time to move out west to Utah. I have thought the middle of September, the beginning of February, the end of September, right before Christmas. I wondered if I should wait to finish the Holiday Shopping Season at the Mall Of Ame rica. So I finally decided on a day.. September 29th. Then I remembered how this sweet boy who I have known for his whole life is turning 8 this year. That is a huge deal because he is going to be baptized! I wanted to of course be here for that. That is not happening until the 3rd Saturday in November. well at that point if I stayed for that shouldn't I just stay for the whole Holiday? or atleast black friday? Well... why am I rambling on and on about when I am going to move? Because there are two reasons. 1 is because simply I feel like it. and 2 is because today I heard a little rumor at work (which with rumors who really knows but still) and because of that I think I may have a solid 95% sure moving date. I am going to try to stick with moving to Utah and to be by my amazing oldest sister and her wonderfully amazing family on September 29th. I am going to quite honestly pack as much clothes as I can in my suitcases, buy a one way ticket and MOVE!

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