Sunday, August 19, 2012

ups and downs

Life has its ups and downs and all arounds. I am well aware of this in life. I have over the past few weeks/months I have been trying to find the perfect time to move out west to Utah. I have thought the middle of September, the beginning of February, the end of September, right before Christmas. I wondered if I should wait to finish the Holiday Shopping Season at the Mall Of Ame rica. So I finally decided on a day.. September 29th. Then I remembered how this sweet boy who I have known for his whole life is turning 8 this year. That is a huge deal because he is going to be baptized! I wanted to of course be here for that. That is not happening until the 3rd Saturday in November. well at that point if I stayed for that shouldn't I just stay for the whole Holiday? or atleast black friday? Well... why am I rambling on and on about when I am going to move? Because there are two reasons. 1 is because simply I feel like it. and 2 is because today I heard a little rumor at work (which with rumors who really knows but still) and because of that I think I may have a solid 95% sure moving date. I am going to try to stick with moving to Utah and to be by my amazing oldest sister and her wonderfully amazing family on September 29th. I am going to quite honestly pack as much clothes as I can in my suitcases, buy a one way ticket and MOVE!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I am hoping for a lot of stuff lately.... About 98% of it has to do with my future life.

A big hope is that I will be able to find a cool roommate.... I have had some interesting experiences with roommates. And quite honestly I would not mind living by myself. But in order to do that I need a good job. This is another one of my hopes, that I can find a job (preferably out of retail) that I can have a more steady amount of hours and the time that I am scheduled. I hope that I don't have to work for Aeropostale for the rest of my life. I love the opportunity I have had to work for Aeropostale and I have been able to learn a lot and start moving up the ranks. However, it takes a lot of patience that I think is getting a little tired.

I honestly just want to be living in Utah already. My days consist of pretty much just searching for jobs, apartments and hoping that I can find friends.

I also am generally hoping to know what month I should move out to Utah. part of me wants to go after the back-to-school shopping madness is done and before the Holiday shopping season. Another part of me wants to wait until after the Holiday season is over, but I would say that is like the middle of January....

Hopefully it will all work out and hopefully the plan for my life over the next roughly 9 months will just reveal itself.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

S is for....

Single- I have been single for a couple months and although it is very weird it was needed and I am happy....

Stressed- Becuase it is nearly impossible to find patients for school stuff.... SUCKAGE (yet another S!)

Sick- I have a head cold and it is not fun...

So- Ready to move!!!! Home and then to Utah with my wonderful sis Em and hopefully Sarah..

Sleepy- I am sick of school all the time and need to sleep even though I took a sick day yesterday and slept for like 12 hours two nights ago, last night it was 2.5... SWEET!!!

preSchoolers- I am gonna get to talk to some of my old preschool kiddos about teeth and things to keep teeth healthy. (February along with the month of love it is also Dental Health Month or something.)

SOOOO gonna change my profession ASAP, I don't like placing and removing Dental Dams... they are not fun and hurt, thus I am gonna change to something that doesn't include placing and removing them. :)

HOPE you enjoy my post all about words that start with an S.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And so it is decided...

In about one year, my dear sister Emily (and Sarah if she wants to come!) are going to be moving..... to a place that is a bit of a change for me... considering I have only lived in Minnesota... Here are some hints... because I am sure you don't need them.

1. There are beautiful mountain views.

2. In the southern part of this state there are beautiful red rock structures.

3. If we want we can go on hikes or camping in places like this.

4. These 3 WONDERFUL monkeys live there. And I miss them daily.

5. Oh yeah and these 2 live there too.... :) plus I haven't lived by Allison in I don't know how long... so that just sounds fun.

So just in case you haven't figured out where I could possibly be talking about... here is the final destination that Em and I will be moving to until atleast 2016 (if I get to start dental hygiene school in 2014)

There are still details to plan and smooth out, but regardless Emily and I are SUPER excited and can hardly wait!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


SO I am semi thinking about possibly going back to school after I work for maybe 6 months to a year, after I complete my Dental Assisting Degree and MAYBE going and finding a 2 year Dental Hygienist Degree..... I am sure once I go back to school for the spring semester I will change my mind. This is very hard at times but I know that I have learned A LOT already in the one semester I have spent learning. ANYWAYS that is all i have to really say besides....